What if “insight” truly meant having sight inside the body?

Ultrasound your way.

Choose to be hands on...

Leverage the power of AI-guided ultrasound and expand the clinical services provided in your practice.

...or hands off.

Tap into our network of healthcare workers who can perform echocardiograms for your patients in the comfort of their home.

Supporting clinical decision-making with AI-enabled insights.

  • Extend the capabilities of all care team members, from physicians to nurses and advanced practice providers, to broaden impact on patient care.
  • Provide the highest level of care by ensuring diagnostic-quality echos every time. 
  • Offer your patients a convenient care experience that centers on the person and not the place.
  • Access patient reports that include ultrasound images overread by a board-certified cardiologist to diagnose disease earlier and inform when disease may be advancing or changing.

Clinically Validated

The performance of our AI algorithms is clinically validated, from peer-reviewed publications to ongoing clinical trials. Highlights include:

  • A study published in JAMA Cardiology showed that 92.5%–98.8% of ultrasound images captured by nurses without prior ultrasound experience using Caption Guidance™ were of diagnostic image quality for visual assessment by a panel of expert cardiologists.
  • A paper published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging showed that machine-learning classification of left ventricular function (Caption Interpretation™) displayed similar accuracy to that of physicians for most cardiac views.

Learn how your practice and patients can benefit from our AI-guided ultrasound technology.