Solving early disease detection with AI

The Fundamental Challenge

Ultrasound is a safe, highly effective diagnostic tool — but it can be difficult to master, takes years of specialized training to learn, and image quality can vary. 

Performing the exam involves unnatural hand-eye coordination and unintuitive visuals. Traditional ultrasound software doesn’t provide instruction on how to move the ultrasound transducer to capture an image, or any real-time feedback on the quality of images being captured. Poor quality images lead to missed opportunities, misdiagnosis, repeat studies, and inconsistent interpretation. 

As a result, the true value and benefits of ultrasound have not been fully realized.

Our Solution

Now, with our technology, any healthcare professional can capture diagnostic-quality ultrasound images thanks to AI guiding them through every step of the scanning and image-capture process in real time. The software also automatically assesses image quality and calculates ejection fraction, a key measure of heart health. 

Clinically Validated

The performance of our AI algorithms is clinically validated, from peer-reviewed publications to ongoing clinical trials. 

Encrypted & Secure Data

Our technology is fully encrypted and adheres to HIPAA privacy standards. The AI software can be securely downloaded and is regularly updated to ensure data security.

Our technology in action.

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Capture With Quality

The Quality Meter shows users in real time how close they are to capturing a diagnostic-quality ultrasound image. The meter rises as the user gets closer to the optimal view, turning green when the image is deemed diagnostic. AutoCapture then records the clip, hands-free.

Scan With Confidence

Caption Guidance emulates the expertise of a sonographer by providing real-time guidance that prompts users to make specific transducer movements to optimize and capture a diagnostic-quality ultrasound image.

Automate Interpretation

Caption Interpretation automatically calculates ejection fraction while scanning from any combination of up to three cardiac views: apical 4-chamber (AP4), apical 2-chamber (AP2), and—an industry first—parasternal long-axis (PLAX).

Scan Your Way

Users have the flexibility to create and follow a customizable indication-based or workflow-based protocol of ultrasound views. While scanning, users can easily skip to the view they need.

Start Smart

Begin every exam with a probe positioning diagram indicating where to place the ultrasound transducer. A reference image provides a visual example of what to look for while scanning.

Never Lose Your Best

The software continuously keeps track of the best images seen during each scanning session so the highest-quality image from each view is automatically captured. Users have the freedom to explore each view with the reassurance that they can always access the best two-second clip from their scan at the touch of a button.